SMS Marketing: why and how to integrate it in your digital strategy



Developing a relationship with your customers takes time. You need to be proactive to be where they are! Nowadays, everyone has a mobile phone, so SMS is an effective way to communicate directly with them and develop this relationship.

SMS marketing – sending SMS messages to your prospects & customers – is a great way to promote your offers, updates and alerts at a specific time.

What is SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing or Marketing by SMS consists of sending promotional or transactional campaigns via text messages (SMS). These messages are essentially intended to communicate time-limited offers, alerts or notifications to customers who consent to receive them.

The different types of SMS Marketing messages

  • Promotional SMS: They are generally used to send promotions (promo codes, sales, etc.) or general events (events, updates, etc.);
  • Transactional SMS: messages sent following an event
  • Relational SMS :Less frequent than transactional and promotional messages, relational messages are usually accompanied by a promotion or a voucher and are also a good way to revive inactive customers.

Strengths of SMS marketing

SMS Marketing is a powerful tool that allows any company to automatically send mass messages at a lower cost and is one of the cheapest means of communication on the market for your marketing campaigns. We don’t hear much about this marketing strategy and yet it has really taken off in recent years.
SMS marketing is therefore an effective and relevant tool for companies who want to create a close relationship with their customers.

SMS marketing allows:

  • An immediate commitment: the SMS inbox is consulted several times a day. Thus, many messages are usually read within a few minutes.
  • Simple and fast: because setting up an SMS marketing campaign is child’s play. To be effective, an SMS marketing message must contain around 30 words and 160 characters maximum, i.e. no more than two sentences. This way, the content of the message is read at a glance and the message is easier to remember.
  • Ideal for small budgets: sending a message is generally cheaper than doing a classic marketing campaign.

SMS Marketing is interactive: In order to federate, you need to invite your customers to get involved in order to exchange with you.

What are the rules of good practice for SMS Marketing?

  • The first rule of SMS Marketing is to make sure that your customers have given you permission to use their phone number for promotional purposes.
  • Pay attention to the time you send them: Put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself what time you would like to receive the message you are about to send them.
  • Include your company’s name in the message: it is important to know from whom we receive the message in order to take advantage of the offer.

Our approach

  1. Defining the objective of your campaign
  2. Targeting and segmentation of your contacts
  3. Design of the message

Although it is a very short message, its drafting is nonetheless a strategic step. The effectiveness of the campaign depends on the consistency and strength of the content. Numtek Cameroon advises and accompanies you during this stage.

4- The parameters of the campaign:

  • Choice of sending application
  • Define the day and time of sending according to the habits of your target audience

5- Measurement, analysis and corrective action plan:

For each campaign, we provide you with a complete report to enable you to optimize the following campaigns according to the results obtained.

Our team is at your disposal to discuss your problems and to propose action plans and campaigns!










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