It’s not the disease that devastates us the most but the fakes news on social media. Since the beginning of this covid-19 pandemic, there has been a lot of unproven information circulating that could mislead people. In his speech to the nation on 19 May, the president of the republic did not fail to point out the fakes news circulating about the disease in Cameroon. “My dear compatriots, the first thing I would like to say to you today is not to give in to panic, and not to believe the false information conveyed by social networks in particular. The challenge is certainly great, but we are able to take it up together as we have done in many other circumstances. I also want you to know that the Government, under my leadership, is doing its utmost to get us out of this serious health crisis,” said the President of the Republic

To limit the spread of false information and fakes news about the disease in Cameroon, the association Smart Click Africa had already launched in April 2020 a web platform for fact-checking, information and awareness and give the right information about the disease, called Covid19.CM and accessible at

From the outset, the platform provides information on the evolution of the disease, including the number of infected cases, the number of people cured and the number of deaths. It also provides information about the disease, the symptoms, the good and bad things to do, and what to do in case of worrying symptoms.

Another special feature of the platform is that it has two sections that summarize the measures taken by the public and private sectors to contain the pandemic. Also, it has a fact-checking space to dismantle all fakes news on the subject in Cameroon.

Finally, in an effort to expand its audience, awareness information is also available in local languages, including Pidgin, Eton, Mbouda and Maka.

“True or False is the main section of the Covid19.CM website. Faced with the spread of fakes news on social networks and on the web, the association Smart Click Africa has chosen to set up this platform that does factchecking. The aim is to check the information or false information circulating on Covid-19 in Cameroon and to bring the right information to the public. Also, we find on the platform information and awareness messages on prevention methods and on the news of disease in Cameroon”, explained Beaugas Orain DJOYUM, the president of Smart Click Africa.

The Smart Click Africa association gathers around this initiative about fifteen experienced journalists specializing in the health sector, communicators and advertisers who have agreed to support this project.

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