SOCIAL MEDIA: why and how to use it to communicate well

Social media have become indispensable to a good marketing strategy. However, to use them effectively, it is necessary to fully understand their nature and their uses. So what exactly is social media? Why should you use them?

 What’s social media?

According to Fred Cavazza, “Social media refers to all the services that enable the development of conversations and social interactions on the Internet or in mobile situations”.

According to his definition of social media, there are three main interests:

  • Social media allows you to establish a dialogue with your community, and thus a concrete relationship;
  • Social media allow the development of social interactions (“like”, “retweet”, “share”…) revealing a commitment on the part of a community and leading to virality;
  • Social media allow you to communicate with your community at any time, even in a situation of mobility. In the age of smartphones and tablets, your target is perpetually connected and therefore always likely to receive information.

Why use social media?

What is the purpose of social media?

Many people ask themselves the question “What is the purpose of social media? “but the question we should be asking ourselves today is “how do we use social media properly? »

Social media are a must. A marketing strategy that does not integrate social media nowadays is clearly not optimal.

Here are a few reasons why you should integrate social media into your communication strategy:

  • Social media allows you to increase your visibility and notoriety.
  • Social media allow you to improve your referencing: the more a site has pointing to its pages and the better it will be referenced. Social networks therefore represent the opportunity to broadcast and distribute links to the pages of your website and thus optimize their positioning in search engines.
  • Social media allow you to acquire more traffic.
  • Social media allow you to find new customers and partners.
  • Social media allows you to manage customer relations in real time.
  • Social media allows you to manage your e-reputation (your online reputation).
  • Social media allows you to constantly monitor your market in real time.

Are you now asking yourself if social media is relevant to your business?

Well every day many companies try their luck on social media but give up for lack of results.

Here are a few key points to communicate well on social media

Knowing, in theory, the definition of social media and its benefits is not enough to generate a return on investment.

In order to communicate well on social media, it is essential to follow some good practices.

1. You need to know your target

To understand what social media is for and what it can bring you, it is important to understand who your target is.

The idea here is to understand what your target is doing with social media. What social media do they use? What are its uses?

You need to know the expectations and needs of your target audience in order to communicate well on social media.

2. We need to work on a documented strategy

Here, we’ll cut to the chase.
To generate return on investment with social media, it is imperative to work on a documented social media strategy.
You have a strategy for your social media but it’s in your head?
You don’t have a strategy.

3. Use the right social media

Every social media has its uses, but not all social media are suitable for you.
Too many companies are investing in all social media thinking that they will have a better chance of winning customers.

Big mistake.

These companies learn this at their own expense and are then convinced that social media is useless.

To communicate well on social media, it is important to select them well and how? According to your target audience.

The key is to limit yourself to a number of social media that you can manage efficiently according to your financial, human, time and skills resources.

4. We need to work on an editorial calendar

The purpose of social media is to share high value-added content.

To communicate effectively on social media, it is essential to share content adapted to your target audience on a regular basis.

The content you share on social media must bring added value to your target.

Hence the importance of working on your Personas, once again.

In order to effectively share content on social media, it is essential to work on an editorial calendar.

The editorial calendar will allow you to know very precisely what you need to publish day after day on social media.

Handy to avoid wasting time with the white sheet syndrome.

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