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Currently, community management is a term that encompasses a whole range of skills… There are therefore many definitions. We are going to give you the most complete definition possible.

Community management is the art of implementing actions that aim to promote and make visible a product or service through social networks while animating a community of users. Community management must be integrated into a more global strategy of the company. For example, if you hire a community manager but your site is not up to date… his work will be very counter-productive!

Concretely, the community manager consists of creating publications in line with the company’s editorial line on social networks. This work must then be analyzed according to the KPIs. The community manager can also manage paid advertising. The work also consists of moderating comments and potentially customer relations!

TO SUMMARIZE, Community management consists of :

– Defining the company’s core target on social networks

– Define the social networks where you need to be present

– Keep a watch on your theme

– Exchange with your community through posts

– Informing and creating commitment

Finally, within a company, community management can be carried out by several people. Ideally, community management should be carried out by a community manager, but not all companies have the means to hire a community manager! Companies can also choose to work with an independent CM (community manager). However, the people who manage marketing and communication for the company can be trained in community management techniques and thus skillfully manage social networks. There are many training courses that allow you to acquire the basics of the CM (community manager).

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