Find out how a website can improve your profitability

Improve your profitability

Today, more than ever, it is essential to have a website. Whether it’s simply for people to get in touch with you or to expand your customer base, a web page is the best tool to achieve your goals. It has become a real communication tool and a powerful marketing tool. Unlike other media, the Web is accessible from anywhere in the world, at any time and by anyone. The creation of a website is an essential step in a company’s growth strategy.

What is a website?

We could believe that in 2020 everyone knows what it is then…

A website, also called a web site, is a group of web pages accessible from an Internet browser. The pages are linked together by links. These links allow you to navigate through the site and move from one page to another. To simplify it is a well referenced and well worked interface that allows to be seen by the whole world.

The different types of website

Before setting up your site, it is important to know what your objectives are: to sell? To communicate ? Prospecting ? Inform ?

There are several types of sites, each one answering a problem. We can cite some of the most common:

  • Showcase sites: which present the offers and services of your company, association or community to communicate and prospect;
  • Blogs :these are publication spaces that allow you to post articles on our sector of activity, our brand and tips and tricks for our targets .
  • E-commerce sites : allow the purchase and sale of products.

Why do you need a website ?

Today who doesn’t check an information on Google !!!, who doesn’t check the credibility of a company on the search engines !!! Your company must be present on its search engines because people trust them all and if you are there even if it’s only a page explaining your business, it will influence your reputation, on the other hand if we are not there, it’s as if you don’t exist, in the digital age having a website is no longer optional but mandatory to face the competition. It is a great tool that allows you to differentiate yourself, well mastered, it can be a real asset for your company because it works 24 hours a day for you, prospecting, selling and building loyalty.

Why entrust us with the creation of a website?

A website is considered as the mirror of a company because it allows to make the link between the services offered by the company and their customers via internet.  NUMTEK Cameroon offers you a complete accompaniment for the creation and design of your high-end websites, with exceptional designs. We have 4 website packages: Basic, Standard, Business and Gold.

During the realization of our websites we :

  • collect your needs, establish a specification that will include all the elements mentioned plus technical information.
  • After validation of the specifications and the commercial offer, we submit graphic models of your website.
    Each step requires the agreement of the previous one.

Each step requires the agreement of the previous one.

  •  Once your webdesign is adopted, we start the development phase.
  • Once the integration is finished, we give you a demonstration. You can let us know about some modifications.
  • Your website validated, we put it online so that it is visible to all.
    We realize the majority of our websites on the WordPress CMS. We work with the following elements :
  • Web hosting;
  • A MySQL databaseThe purchase of a domain name;
  • Adobe Photoshop, for the graphic aspect.

    Some of our achievements

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