1- Cost optimization

Hosting generates savings on your IT costs by relieving you of the complex and time-consuming processes of deploying and maintaining your IT infrastructure and web sites and applications. When you choose an IAAS solution, you are purchasing a package of services. This package includes, among other things, communication hardware, communication links, computing power, storage space, the deployment of your websites and web applications, but also the maintenance and administration of the solution. These tasks are carried out, in a totally transparent way for you, by teams that master the web sites and applications, and the entire infrastructure.

In addition to this saving, hosting and outsourcing generates a reduction in your current operating costs (electricity, communication link, etc…).

Preserve your investment capacity:
By choosing hosting, you make the choice to consume a service rather than investing in an expensive infrastructure that is difficult to maintain and evolve. The budget is fixed, smooth and without surprises.

2- Free access to your applications

Thanks to its use via the Internet, hosting offers you privileged access to your websites and web applications, and your information system. You can access them when you need them from anywhere and at any time.


3- Security

With hosting, you offer your Information System an optimal level of security. Indeed, you benefit from all the resources implemented in the data centers to guarantee the security and confidentiality of IaaS solutions, without any investment or effort on the part of your company. You therefore have access to a high-performance level of security at a minimal cost. You are also assured that the security of your Information System will remain perennial and will be constantly reinforced over time in accordance with the evolution of standards, technologies and attacks!

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