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Technically, a website is just a file or a set of files, hosted on a server (a kind of large computer connected to the internet) and accessible via the internet.

As you can see, this definition is broad. A simple html page, an image or a form can be a website. Or rather: a website can be composed of a simple html page, an image or a form.

But what matters with a website is not so much what it is, but rather what you do with it. Because a website is first and foremost a tool. A tool for communication, canvassing, sales, of course, but also for data exchange, collaborative work, information transmission, accounting, etc.. That’s why we started this sheet using the broadest definition: because a website can be absolutely what you want it to be. What will ultimately define it is the fact that it can be accessed remotely via an internet connection and a URL (Uniform Resource Locator).

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